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Hacking Security

How to Get Hacked This or Any Holiday Season

November 26, 2019  |  Juliette Rizkallah  |  Market Views Editor’s note: This is satire. SailPoint strongly encourages you to take your cybersecurity very seriously, and if you’re looking for some ways to do t...


Mitigating Insider Threats with Privileged Access Governance

December 4, 2019  |  PwC  |  Market Views Authors: Kelvin Mbatu, Avinash Rajeev, Vivek Tejwani, Radhakrishnan Subramaniyan Enterprises have become increasingly reliant on digital information to meet business o...

IdAM Security

Balancing Zero Trust with a strong identity strategy and AI

December 17, 2019  |  Frank Briguglio  |  Market Views The impact of the latest cybersecurity breaches is staggering. With billions of identities and sensitive data compromised, it’s clear that traditional sec...

Privacy Security

Privacy And Regulation: The K-12 Edition

December 16, 2019  |  Juliette Rizkallah  |  Market Views Children have rights to freedom and privacy. Yet, these rights, particularly privacy rights, are often denied by parents who are prone to the “sharenti...

IdAM News & Events Security

IdentityIQ: Architected forPerformance and Scale

Performance and scalability have always been primary considerations during development of IdentityIQ. Both are of utmost importance and as such, SailPoint takes a cross-functional approach to ensure the best po...

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), GDPR in the hand of business. GDPR concept.
Privacy Security

Leading A Business When Privacy Is (Almost) Dead

Privacy is almost dead. And truth be told, it‚Äôs by our own doing. Thanks to the ‚Äúselfie culture‚ÄĚ that exists today, our privacy appears to be headed for six feet under. The modern lifestyle is rife with oversha...

Enterprise Architecture (EA) News & Events

Enterprise Architecture – No Longer Where Agile Goes to Die

Enterprise architecture (EA) is often portrayed as the chalk to the agile manifesto’s cheese. Any initiative within an organization to bring speed and agility hits a hard stop as soon as it breaches the world o...

Enterprise Architecture (EA) News & Events Quick Tips

Why Your Digital Transformation Needs Enterprise Architecture

Change is constant, and it continues to accelerate. So how do you adapt and avoid being swept aside by its winds? Staying relevant has become the biggest challenge for CIOs and business leaders alike. No longer...

Cloud Enterprise Architecture (EA) Quick Tips

What is Cloud Migration?

It’s quite likely by now that you’ve had some sort of top level directive to migrate your infrastructure to the cloud. To the CEO, this might sound like a simple straightforward task. But you know the risks, the complications and the dangers to the business. Get it wrong and the consequences could be catastrophic.