Oracle GoldenGate

Oracle GoldenGate enables the exchange and manipulation of data at the transaction level among multiple, heterogeneous platforms across the enterprise. It moves committed transactions with transaction integrity and minimal overhead on existing infrastructure.

Its modular architecture gives organisations the flexibility to extract and replicate selected data records, transactional changes, and changes to DDL (data definition language) across a variety of topologies. With this flexibility, and the filtering, transformation, and custom processing features of Oracle GoldenGate, it can support numerous business requirements such as:

  • Business continuance and high availability.
  • Initial load and database migration.
  • Data integration.
  • Decision support and data warehousing.

IDT Solutions Oracle GoldenGate consulting practice enables organisations to take full advantage of the realtime transactional change data capture (CDC), transformation and delivery of data between disparate data sources.

Our clients quickly realize:

  • Near-zero downtime platform migrations.
  • 24/7 real-time data synchronization.
  • Data bus integration through Kafka.

Following sections of this document describes the services offered by IDT Solutions Oracle GoldenGate Consulting practice, reference architecture, replication strategies, supported source and target databases and an overview of other data replication and migration tools/options offered by Oracle Corporation which many organisations use in conjunction with Oracle GoldenGate to maximise their ROI (Return on Investment).

Oracle GoldenGate Consulting Practice

IDT Solutions Consulting practice for Oracle GoldenGate is designed to identify client’s Oracle GoldenGate real-time integration and replications requirements and help to plan for deploying Oracle GoldenGate thereby enabling high availability, real-time data integration, transformation, change data capture and data movement between operational, analytical enterprise, Oracle Cloud, and Big Data environments.

Our experts reduce time to value with their product experience and provide clients with greater agility reduced cost, reduced risk and help to scale up the environment.

Our experts engage with client’s IT team to understand their unique replication requirements and share our extensive experience and best practices for Oracle GoldenGate deployment. Through a series of workshops, our experts design the Oracle GoldenGate architecture, data replication approaches, compress options, security configurations, and outline how Oracle GoldenGate can be configured to meet client’s business requirements. Collaborating with client IT team and key business users, we define an actionable deployment plan for an optimized Oracle GoldenGate environment.

GoldenGate Deliverables

Our Key Deliverables include:

  • Workshops reviewing client current Oracle GoldenGate replication needs including:
    • Client’s unique business replication, data integration, data capture, data movement requirements.
    • Oracle GoldenGate product features which mesh with client’s replication requirements.
    • Oracle GoldenGate architectural options with a review of unidirectional, bidirectional and peer-to-peer replication types.
    • Replication uses cases including data migration, data consolidate, data scalability and replication to Big Data
  • High-level actionable deployment plan and roadmap for Oracle GoldenGate replication
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