IDT Solutions will manage the end-to-end migration of your selected software application from on premise to Microsoft Azure. IDT Solutions leverages our experience working with Microsoft Azure as well as Microsoft Best Practices to ensure that your application is architected correctly for the cloud and the transition of your users is as seamless as possible.

Plan – Based upon the information gathered during the Discovery phase, IDT Solutions Azure Professionals will modify the architecture of the selected software application for the Azure environment. A full test plan will be implemented using Microsoft Azure development environment to ensure cloud compatibility.

Deploy – IDT Solutions will work with your IT team to provision an Azure environment for your organization and deploy the software application into the public cloud. The proper number of instances and roles will be provisioned to ensure your application meets your business requirements.

Review – IDT Solutions will review the Azure hosted software application with your organization and modify as necessary to further optimize business value. Training and Build documentation is delivered to your IT team to enable ongoing support of the application. Finally, other potential Azure candidates are reviewed and an Azure roadmap is created for the organization.