Determining the optimal solution for your business is complex and time consuming.

  1. What are the functional requirements?
  2. What are the usability requirements?
  3. Do you source a solution from one of your current vendors?
  4. Do you source a “best of breed” solution? What are the integration implications?

IDT Solutions understand local government. Our team of consultants have years of experience working with and in local government. We will use our experience, skills and knowledge to work with you to determine your requirements and procure the best solution.

We can also work with you during the implementation process as well as conducting a post implementation review.


IDT Solutions can provide project management services to manage your project from initiation to completion.

The System Evaluation and Selection might focus on just one functional area (Financials, Assets, HR/Payroll, Land and Information). Alternatively, it might encompass a complete corporate solution and supporting systems such as GIS, document management, and others.
The key benefits of this service include:

  1. Independent development and review of requirements.
  2. Independent assessment of current and proposed new systems.
  3. Allows your staff to focus on your business.
  4. Aligned to business requirements.

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