Bank Trust Network solution, based on cutting edge Blockchain technology, is a next-gen solution to an age-old problem of document exchange, verification and compliance within banks, its customers and beneficiaries. Whether it’s a pyramid of trust between customer, issuing bank and beneficiary bank or quadrant of trust between customer, beneficiary and their respective banks, ASSURE is invented with foolproof features to seamlessly onboard participants (customer, banks, central authorities, verifiers, beneficiaries). The system can define more than 30+ types of documents such as bank guarantee, NOCs, DD, etc. in the system encapsulating document wise workflows.

The system has been designed to support multiple Blockchain technologies from backend and can integrate any ERP with its technology agnostic Cipher orchestration middleware from the frontend.


Blockchain based Reconciliation & Settlement Platform is an inter-organization solution that helps organizations reconcile financial and non-financial transactions and records in real time through a trust-based network. The solution is available in both on-premise as well as cloud models.

The solution is Blockchain agnostic and can be set up for a consortium of organizations on any of the prevailing Blockchains.

Avanza’s Cipher comes pre-packaged with numerous micro-services that help member organizations come on board and start benefiting from the platform quickly and with ease. Organizations today spend hundreds of man-hours every month to reconcile their financial transactions and non-financial assets with partner organizations. Through distributed ledger technology Avanza helps such partner consortiums eliminate operational overhead completely and grow their partner networks without worrying about additional expenses.

Already deployed and used in production-grade environments, Cipher has millions of transactions stamped and reconciled in real time.


Blockchain marketplace based on tokenization of loyalty points is the future of customer retention. The desire of a customer to earn and redeem is well addressed in our Blockchain marketplace solution, FIDELITY. In a typical customer set, as per statistics, only 24% of the shoppers use the reward they earn across the spectrum of programs subscribed. Common reasons float on the challenging process of voucher redemption, limited product and merchant portfolio to choose from and inefficient customer experience.

On the other side, loyalty providers face countless issues of cumbersome merchant onboarding, countless reconciliation & settlements whenever their loyalty system is used for a merchant and henceforth always a limitation on scalability at an ecosystem level. Merchants are not pardoned as well in the current system with challenges of limited product visibility on catalogs (owing to issues of data sync, catalog refresh) and complexity to execute a sale on the loyalty/ reward app.

With the above context, FIDELITY is a well-thought solution by the industry experts overcoming all the relevant issues faced by users. The marketplace running on state of the art Blockchain technologies creates a distributed ledger for loyalty providers, merchants. Uploading catalogs, sync of data, loyalty commerce, reconciliation and settlements become a piece of cake with automated smart contracts and in-built consensus algorithms. Customers get an edge on experience with the use of Dapps where purchases are made seamlessly with no hassle of voucher systems, redemption using physical copies as if it’s a usual online retail app.

Blockchain Marketplace is the idea of creating a global marketplace on a futuristic Blockchain ecosystem bringing rewards closer to sales.


NexTrade – Procure to Pay is a Blockchain based solution designed and developed by Avanza to cater generational issues of transparency, trust, and efficiency in the value-chain of procurement. Our P2P technology is a one-stop solution to the needs of procurement lifecycle – be it procure to pay components or order to cash stage.

The power of Blockchain produces an efficient sourcing mechanism, utilizing transparent supplier selection process, end to end handling of contracts using smart contract features, purchase requisition to orders done automatically without any manual dependency or interference, and seamless invoice to payment processing.

The data stays highly secure and optimally managed with functionalities of off-chain and on-chain components of Blockchain. With legacy system agnostic adaptors and a plethora of readymade REST API interfaces, participants can on-board quickly and easily to the procurement network with no hassle of integrations and huge infrastructure investments.


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