At IDT Solutions,

we believe in forming strong sustainable partnerships with all our clients. From the outset of every engagement, we take a highly collaborative approach that leads to our delivery philosophy:

“We wish to achieve results and outcomes in collaboration with our clients, rather than merely showing and pushing outcomes at our clients.”

Our Engagement Model

More specifically, our engagement model is centred around three principles:

  1. Collaborative development and delivery with our clients.
  2. Ensuring our clients invest wisely and effectively in digital.
  3. A no-nonsense approach that delivers visible outcomes on a constant basis.

The digital transformation journey is complex and we specialise in forming an effective partnership where we determine the key strategic outcomes, develop the corresponding roadmap and light the pathway to delivery in close collaboration with the correct council stakeholders.

In keeping with a no-nonsense approach which aims to define the journey with emphasis on simplicity, practical approaches and effectiveness, our four distinct steps to delivery excellence are:

The Journey

The digital transformation journey to achieving the right mix of digital outcomes, efficiency gains, stability and security requires both engagement, strategic advice and guidance at all levels of the council, which is the key strength and focus of IDT Solutions.

Upon commencement of the engagement, we meticulously evaluate the current state and devise a high level roadmap comprising of solutions in stages, aligned with the company or organisation’s broader strategic plans.

The next stage of the journey involves laying the correct foundations to provide our client with two key fundamentals:

  1. Capability: the ability to achieve integration of systems and medium term identifiable capabilities that deliver new efficiencies and effectiveness to your organisation.
  2. Flexibility: with new technologies and methodologies emerging all the time, it is impossible to know what the exactly what future may hold. One thing we can be sure of is that “data is king” and emerging digital options will all be data driven. Accordingly, our approach is to design solutions that allows all data to be used in endless ways, the flexibility to rapidly replace legacy or under-performing platforms with the latest offerings, and facilitates our clients transition from reactive to predictive modes of operation.

Customer-Centric Mindset

With all organisations undertaking the digital transformation journey, the mindset we advocate is placing the customer at the centre of every step. This is often referred to as a customer-centric approach and it is at the heart of our approach to digital transformation.

As part of our engagement, we will often ask questions of our clients and ourselves “how does the customer benefit?” If we are looking at creating a web portal, for example, we emphasise the importance of accessibility of the portal on tablet and mobile as well as desktop because this clearly benefits the customers, who expect to be able to access online portals flawlessly on any device they choose.

Even if we are considering complex “under the hood” backend systems that the customers never directly interact with, we are always able to see the clear medium- and long-term benefit to the customer of implementing such systems. With this customer-centric mindset, we give the correct focus to the correct areas which results in its own efficiencies: we avoid spend time implementing solutions and options that provide no clear benefit to the client.

Delivering a positive and seamless digital customer experience is the cornerstone of future customer engagement excellence.

Laying the Correct Foundation

The key starting point for successful customer-centric digital transformation is ensuring high quality customer data and introducing an integration platform. These are the key foundation elements and is achieved through:

  1. Introducing an enterprise level CRM system that is modern, cloud-based and will be enhanced and supported well into the future.
  2. Using technologies to ensure that the customer database holds a single record for each customer which is always up-to-date and accurate. This is referred to as the golden record.

Once the customer data reaches a high point of integrity and reliability, your organisation can leverage golden records to establish self-service, establish a high grade digital customer experience and transition from reactive to proactive mode through reliable and insightful reporting.

A variety of technologies exist that deliver automated management of the golden record over the long term. This area of technology is referred to as Master Data Management (MDM) and we consistently advocate the use of these technologies for all organisations. When the data is clean and highly accurate, the digital outcomes are faultless.

The integration platform is the key digital element and facilitates endless capabilities, particularly:

  1. Introduction of self-service through a multitude of digital touchpoints on all devices, which meets the expectations of modern customers.
  2. Ability to develop and enhance the customer experience (CX) through the ability for any integrated digital asset to access data captured in other systems.
  3. It opens the The ability to transition towards a best-of-breed model, where new, high quality, cloud-based applications can be easily ‘plugged in’ to our client’s digital ecosystem rapidly; either to provide a new digital capability or to replace an existing sub-standard application. This provides enormous long-term flexibility for clients wanting to use the best systems and not be tied to a single “all-in-one” vendor.