Authority NAR Cleansing

Civica’s Authority Enterprise system is based on a single Name and Address Register (NAR). The NAR keeps a record of people and entities that have some interaction with the council.

Discrepancies in these records due inconsistencies in data entry can result in significant issues with the NAR and effect data migration.

If you would like this reviewed, IDT Solutions can assist.

Authority General Ledger Restructure

The structure of your General Ledger is crucial.

The need for restructuring can arise from a number of reasons such as organisational changes, IT structure changes, IT requirements changes, or simply having the GL not set up the way it needs to be.

Here is where our consultants can help.

We will conduct a Gap Analysis to determine what requirements are needed and propose a plan of action. Upon building the new structures, we will implement the restructure as well as provide the support your organisation requires for a smooth transition.

Authority Rates Module

Is your council missing our on rates income due to outdated systems or a lack of proper configuration? It can really add up.

Let us perform a review and audit of your Authority Rates module and provide you with a report on the status of your data and configuration.

Authority Debt Recovery Module

Do you require implementation or reviewing of your Authority Debt Recovery module?
Let us help you maximise your collections from outstanding levies and other charges.