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Let our Office 365 experts scope, procure and deploy a best-practice solution that is designed to suit your unique needs, all supported by a migration and execution plan that includes all considerations such as change management.

  • Our team can provide your business with the project management and technical consulting. This includes providing the following services:

Comprehensive IT services include

  • Project Management

    End to end management of your project

  • Technical Consulting

    Our consultants will work with you to understand your requirements

  • Solutioning

    Our engineers will come up with the most suitable solution to meet your requirements

  • Development

    Our developers will build your solution

  • Support

    Our support team will be here to assist you post-launch and for any future change requests.

Microsoft Office 365

Our services covers a range of Microsoft solutions

  • Teams

    If you have started to use Teams, or you are about to migrate to Teams; we give you the guidance and support needed for success.

    We provide you with the tools, expertise and training that makes sure your environment is secure and working optimally.

  • SQL

    Need help with your SQL Server? We are here to provide you with proactive, scalable Microsoft SQL Server administration services. Let us handle your database, so you can focus on growing your business.

  • Dynamics

    The introduction of software alone does not necessarily lead to a successful establishment of the requisite philosophy in the organization.

    Our specialists are incredibly knowledgable of Dynamics 365. We combine this knowledge with experience on processes, project methodology and IT architecture to assist you with your requirements. If a requirement cannot be implemented with the standard product, then our specialists make simple, customer-specific apps – and let the know-how flow back into CRM.

  • Sharepoint

    IDT Solutions has been helping organizations to increase their business strength by leveraging Microsoft SharePoint capabilities. We framed up our services to turn this versatile platform into an enabler of multi-level collaboration and intensive workflows, as well as into a reliable basis of enterprise-wide knowledge and innovation management.

    Whenever a company plans to implement or uplift a corporate intranet, partner or vendor portal, tailor a document management solution or get a knowledge management system, our SharePoint team is ready to handle the task. While matching SharePoint’s components with organizational needs, we aim at contributing to our customers’ corporate evolution and business growth.

  • PowerBI

    Every organisation generates huge amounts of data, making the job of collating, validating, understanding, and then discerning what’s relevant and what it means near-impossible – that’s where Business Intelligence technology comes in. Our value-driven approach means you’ll be making data-driven decisions within days, not months.

  • PowerApps

    We can build power apps for business and government that can work on any platform. We begin every mobile app development project with our detailed and thorough App Scope Process.

Future-proof your organisation and better utilise your human resources. Let technology enable you.

Competitive & Scalable

Our competitive pricing and availability of an onshore, offshore or hybrid model ensures that we’ll find the right solution fit for your organisation and budget.

Also, our support services ensures that you’re always looked after even after implementation and delivery of the solution.

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