IT Consulting

Our IT consultants provides companies with advice and architectural design for IT systems, processes and strategies. Because we live IT day in and day out, and we work with companies of all shape and sizes, our exposure to new technology, ideas and concepts far exceed those of Internal IT staff. This is particularly true for small or medium sized companies that are reliant on a “one-man-band” IT team. Often internal IT or one man IT contractors are so busy “keeping the lights running”, they do not have time to develop new IT strategies, processes and design systems that are crucial to allow growing companies to continue to expand without huge increases in IT operating costs.

Additionally because of a lack of time and resources, often important but not immediately urgent infrastructure and processes such as Disaster Recovery, Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Plans are either never implemented or updated to cater for a growing and changing IT environment. IDT’s IT Consulting Services is able to assist companies in assessing, designing and implementing DR, DRPs and BCPs.

Our team of experts is varied and specialised, allowing us to provide premium end-to-end advice and consulting to ensure maximum gain for your digital investment. The main focus areas include:


Whether you require practical hosting and devops support or advice on scaling up and projected demands on servers, we have licensed specialists to work with you effectively and guide you towards the best and most sustainable solutions.


The world is moving away from on-premises hosting and self-hosting applications towards cloud-based platforms. We have effectively conducted “cloud-readiness” consulting for organisations wanting to achieve a new level of uptime and reliability while removing the need to update and maintaining platforms and servers in-house. We are experts are gathering your current setup and guiding you towards a cloud-based mode of operation for the future.


At the heart of digital transformation is integrating disparate systems and our team of backend and database experts have a proven track record of delivering seamless integration of systems via leading integration platforms and ensure a well-orchestrated harmonisation of data across those systems. This is the key to unlocking your digital potential and is at the heart of our speciality.


Our team of consultants includes experts in identity and access management of your systems and can guide your through the measures necessary to safeguard your organisation against data and access breaches. Furthermore, we constantly emphasise the need for single sign-on (SSO) technologies which improve the efficiency of staff and delivers a fundamental of customer experience (CX) excellence.


Delivering a new age digital experience for your customers means that a cutting-edge CRM solution is required. But maximising the benefits and potential of a platform requires cunning and experience with IDT Solutions provides. In addition to guiding you towards the correct software solution, we consult and all levels of the IT division to ensure that the right customer data is captured at all touchpoints.

Data Integrity and Database Management

Unlocking the potential of data requires golden records for each customer and ensuring data is updated and always accurate, regardless of which touchpoint is used to add or update data. We schematically plot all systems involved with data, consult and implement data integrity tools and provide consulting around data stewardship and management ongoing. Furthermore we are experts of database architecture and scalability, which means that we provide a holistic service around data and database management ongoing.

Web Development

One of the central long-term goals of digital transformation is transitioning customers towards a self-service model. Achieving this goal requires experienced and intelligent portal and website design, with a focus on Customer Experience (CX), which encompasses great User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) expertise. In addition to backend services, we provide premium web-development services to ensure maximum adoption of the digital self-service offerings and return on investment.

Robotic Process Automation

One of the fastest growing and acceptable emerging technology initiatives out there. RPA imitates human behaviour and automates tasks through smart applications. Working on the principle of surface automation, we can add significant value to applications like ERPs, CRMs etc. to raise the bar on their performance and utilisation.

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IT Support

IDT Solutions provides software support services for both implementation carried out by our team, as well as existing implementations. All our clients with a support package get a customised client portal where they can access documentation, instructional notes, video tutorials and lodge support tickets.

We offers three levels of Support Services: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Except where noted, all terms and conditions of these support services terms shall apply to all levels of Support Services.

IDT Solutions uses JIRA Service Desk to provide Support to its customers where service requests may be made online using our JIRA Portal or via email.