About IDT Solutions

IDT Solutions is a leading specialist full-cycle digital transformation consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia.

Technology solutions to help
businesses and communities flourish

IDT Solutions is a leading specialist full-cycle digital transformation consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia. Our core team consists of niche experts in IT strategy, enterprise solution architecture, integration solutions and implementation of digital self-service initiatives ensuring top quality delivery of your IT strategic objectives and technical outcomes.

Our focus to designing and implementing integration of disparate systems, which is the cornerstone of modern digital transformation programs. Making data silos ‘talk to each other’ is often achievable on a technical level, but delivering it in a well-orchestrated manner is the key goal with every project we do. With finesse, cunning and scalability, our solutions effectively future-proof your business or organisation as it faces the rise of new, cutting-edge technologies such as big data, real-time targeted reporting, machine learning and advanced automation.

A key advantage of IDT Solutions is the scalability of its resources and capabilities. If a particular project requires either more resourcing or a specialist in a particular platform, we can rapidly access additional expertise through our network of IT consultants and specialists who boast a strong track record of success and value-adding to any project.

Key Additional Skill Sets:

  • DevOps design and development
  • Consulting cloud-based and ‘best-of-breed’ strategies
  • Identity & Access Management and System Integration
  • IT Consulting
  • Technical Architecture Design and Development
  • Database management and optimisation
  • Project Management.


Support is a very important component of digital transformation ongoing and a critical factor in the success of flawless business continuity. Following development, implementation and handover, we offer an extensive ongoing support program which we tailor to the needs of your business / organisation and the scope of your technical assets. Under the support program, you will have ready access to our talented consultants and support engineers for both onsite and remote support activities underpinned by a robust online helpdesk process, delivering full and swift tracking over support enquiries and requests with a high degree of transparency for all stakeholders.

Skills and Certifications

Our team uses expert level TOGAF and COBIT methodology skills and Orbus EA, TA and SA tools to develop the technology architectures.

Our MuleSoft, Salesforce, Okta, Microsoft, Sailpoint  and Oracle consultants are formally certified respectively and are highly experienced in translating business needs into enterprise level technical solutions.