The current landscape in the digital space for Councils is often that councils currently have legacy on-premise applications, lots of manual processes, systems that work in silos, cluttered information, point-to-point integration, workflows, files in various formats and applications that utilise different schema/protocols.

This results in disparate systems that do not have the ability to interact with each other and share data to enable better utilisation of council’s information assets to facilitate better service of their customers.

With technology moving towards the cloud and best of breed product offerings often being cloud based, there is a need for councils to move to the cloud (or a hybrid infrastructure with making legacy applications accessible in the interim) in order to be able to adopt such technologies.

Often there is the desire to mature and modernise ICT so as to bring all data and applications into one network as this is the foundation for working towards obtaining the ‘Single View of Customer’.

It is a journey to get there and each council is at a different stage of the journey. With that in mind, IDT Solutions have formulated a phase approach to take you on that journey and guide you along the way to transition to IT modernisation and realising your ICT strategy.


Phase 1 – Initial Assessment 

Cloud Readiness Assessment and Gap Analysis

Phase 2 – Review, Analyse & Roadmap

Review Assessment/Gap Analysis & HL Cloud migration roadmap

Phase 3 – Cloud Enterprise Architecture

Cloud Aware TOGAF ADM (Architecture Development Method)

Phase 4 – Projects

Solution Delivery Methodology

Phase 5 – Systems Support & Maintenance

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