Councils and other local authorities are continually faced with changes in priorities, changes in funding, changes in business processes, etc. Budgets are becoming tighter and “doing more with less” is the new mantra.

At the same time, software vendors are making significant changes to the capabilities of their solutions, and technology is taking those solutions into the field.

IDT Solutions has extensive knowledge of Civica’s Authority Enterprise Solution. We can assist you in a no-nonsense and independent review of your Authority environment. We can develop a System Improvement Plan that will enable you to make the most effective use of this business critical system.

The System Improvement Plan might focus on just one area of Authority (Financials, Assets, HR/Payroll, Property and Rates). Alternatively, the Plan might encompass numerous or all components of Authority.

The key benefits of the System Improvement Plan include:

  1. Optimal configuration of the system.
  2. Improved staff efficiencies and capabilities.
  3. Improved reporting.
  4. Improved corporate knowledge.
  5. Aligned to business requirements.

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