Oracle E-Business Suite is the first and only complete set of enterprise applications integrated around a single, common data model. With Oracle E-Business Suite, you create and maintain a single definition of your customers, suppliers, employees, and products; all aspects of your business, so everyone in your company has immediate access to the same global information. Oracle E-Business Suite allows you to do away with redundant IT functions; reduce or even eradicate the need for a business intelligence infrastructure separate from your transactional systems; and spend less on implementation, maintenance, and even the hardware on which you run your systems. As a result, it actually costs less to get better information.

Oracle Financial Analytics

Get Accurate, Timely, Transparent Reporting and Better Compliance
Understand and manage the key drivers of shareholder value and profitability. Oracle Financial Analytics helps front-line managers improve financial performance with complete, up-to-the-minute information on their departments’ expenses and revenue contributions. Hundreds of key performance indicators and more than 200 reports enable financial managers to improve cash flow, lower costs, and increase profitability while maintaining more accurate, timely, and transparent financial reporting that helps ensure Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.


  • Payables – Assess cash management and monitor operational effectiveness of the payables department to ensure lowest transaction costs
  • Receivables – Monitor DSOs and cash cycles to manage working capital, manage collections, and control receivables risk
  • General ledger – Manage financial performance across locations, customers, products, and territories, and receive real-time alerts on events that may impact financial condition
  • Profitability – Identify most profitable customers, products, and channels and understand profitability drivers across regions, divisions, and profit centers

Oracle Human Resources Analytics

Deeper and Integrated Talent Insight
Talent management is about providing workforce information to business leaders so they can attract, develop, and retain the best people. With more than 300 metrics and 600 dimensional attributes, Oracle Human Resources Analytics provides the workforce information your human resources (HR) professionals and front-line managers need to analyze workforce staffing and productivity, and to better design compensation that rewards performance. Oracle Human Resources Analytics integrates data from a wide array of functional areas in HR and Finance, presenting the best tools available to better source high quality applicants, and to reduce employee retention and absence costs.


  • Workforce Insight – Monitor workforce demographics in line with your recruitment and retention objectives. Analyze efficiency of the entire recruitment process lifecycle, understand and prevent the drivers of employee turnover.
  • Targeted Workforce Development – Gain insight into the movement of top and bottom performers in the organization to engage and develop internal talent. Gain insight into learning demand by analyzing course enrollments by job, delivery methods, and organizations.
  • Improved Compensation – Understand how compensation impacts performance, ensure compensation is equitable and consistent across roles, and align variable compensation with your organization’s objectives and goals.
  • Leave and Absence – Get a comprehensive view into employees’ current, planned, and historical absence events; monitor absence trends as a predictor for employee engagement.
  • Better Understanding of HR Performance – Assess HR’s overall performance and employee productivity using industry benchmarks such as revenue per employee, contribution per headcount, and return on human capital.
  • US Statutory Compliance – Monitor US EEO, AAP, and Vets100 compliance reporting.

Oracle Procurement and Spend Analytics

Gain Visibility into the Complete Procure-to-Pay Process

Oracle Procurement & Spend Analytics, part of the Oracle BI Applications product line, enables you to optimize supply side performance by integrating data from across the enterprise value chain – enabling executives, managers, and frontline employees to make more informed decisions. Oracle Procurement & Spend Analytics increases visibility into the complete procure-to-pay process, including comprehensive spend and procurement analysis, supplier performance analysis, supplier payables analysis, and employee expense analysis. Through complete end-to-end insight into the factors that impact company performance, you can significantly reduce costs, enhance profitability, increase customer satisfaction, and gain competitive advantage.


  • Gain a Holistic View of Procurement and Spend – Gain detailed visibility into direct and indirect spending, and identify opportunities for consolidation and reduction of costs.
  • Improve Procurement Performance – Reduce corporate spending through stronger strategic sourcing initiatives.
  • Identify procurement bottlenecks and proactively take corrective action before they become major issues.
  • Enhance Insight into Supplier Performance – Monitor price, delivery, and product quality to determine best – and worst – performing suppliers. Improve contract usage and compliance.
  • Control Employee Spend – Understand how the money related to travel and expenses is being spent by gaining a complete picture of Employee Expenses.

Oracle Project Analytics

Maintain Visibility into Project Performance Throughout the Project Lifecycle
Oracle Project Analytics offers organizations a comprehensive analytics solution that delivers insight into project-based data to seamlessly track the lifecycle of a project. Oracle Project Analytics provides robust analysis of important project-based data such as forecast, budgets, cost, revenue, billing, profitability and other aspects of project management. It provides consolidated, timely, and complete information to Project Managers, Project Executives, and Project Accountants.


  • Control Project Costs – Enhance visibility into project costs and variances for improved cost management and project profitability.
  • Improve Project Performance – Track and manage non credit card invoices paid on time and interest penalties payments. Minimize delinquent debt amounts to improve management accountability, and reduce Treasury borrowing.
  • Maximize Cash Flow – Promote the use of electronic payment to vendors to reduce paperwork, and improve payment performance management.

Oracle Supply Chain and Order Management Analytics

Fact-Based, Actionable Insights for Improving Your Supply Chain
Oracle Supply Chain and Order Management Analytics delivers deep customer insight into order and inventory data so you can make better decisions in each stage of the order lifecycle. Oracle Supply Chain and Order Management Analytics enables you to assess inventory levels, determine likely product fulfillment needs before the order has been booked, quickly identify potential order backlog issues, and stay on top of critical accounts receivable (A/R) and daily sales outstanding (DSO) issues. By leveraging actionable and fact-based insights, you can transform your current Supply Chain and Order Management processes to improve financial performance and customer satisfaction.


  • Better Business Performance – Improve revenue recognition with faster order to booking conversion and fewer bottlenecks in the order to cash cycle
  • Better Order Fulfillment – Improve inventory management for those products that consistently fall into backlog due to a lack of appropriate stock levels
  • Better Inventory Management – Gain visibility into inventory activities to minimize unnecessary expenditures and optimize inventory to conserve working capital