Experience Where It Counts

Smart companies trust the development of their mission critical systems to proven experts with verifiable track-records and many years of real-world Oracle development experience. We know that a well-constructed system is easy to maintain and enhance.

Support and Training is Our Specialty

ICS specializes in Oracle Developer Support and Training and is equipped to meet the Oracle developer needs of any company, large or small.  ICS provides seasoned Oracle experts for all areas of computer systems development and we can develop your custom computer application from scratch, using proven technology and recognized programming techniques.

Guaranteed Success

We guarantee your success by providing experienced professionals to produce fast results.  Using our decades of experience with Oracle technology and our low-maintenance coding techniques we can quickly create robust and flexible custom applications.

Developer Consulting

We provide complete support for all phases of computer systems development with Oracle and SQL Server and we are the only top USA consultancy to openly publish our prices:

  • System Analysis – We can analyze existing systems or gather your specifications for a new system. We create a functional specifications using the latest CASE tools and create full system prototypes so you see exactly what you are getting.
  • Logical & Physical Design – We apply proven principles of design and normalization to create robust data structures and complete system design specifications for your entire application.  We are expert at creating database storage constructs using Oracle technology and mapping the data sources to the application needs.  We also have experts for creating distributed systems using the latest Oracle replication technology.
  • Implementation – ICS provides complete project management and coordination for your systems implementation phase including coding, testing de-bugging, infrastructure creation, disaster planning and backup & recovery.
  • Application Coding – We have expert developers who can write any system from simple to complex using proven coding techniques. All our developers are expert in their fields and provide one of the best price/productivity ratios of any Oracle computer system development service.  We provide experts in procedural languages such as Perl, C++, Java as well as Oracle App Server (Oracle9iAS, Oracle10gAS, OC4J), Oracle Developer 6i Forms, Oracle Developer 9i Forms, Oracle Developer Reports, Oracle JDeveloper, as well as Perl JDICS and OC4J expertise.
    • C++ Support & Consulting
    • Java & J2EE Support & Consulting
    • Apache Support & Consulting
    • Oracle JDeveloper Support & Consulting
    • Oracle Application Server Support & Consulting
    • Oracle Forms Developer Support & Consulting
    • Oracle Portal Support & Consulting
  • Customized Software development – Companies know that their competitive advantage from custom computer systems, and our staff of certified software developers can assist you in creating custom applications, large or small.
    • Software Development
    • Applications development

In sum, ICS has all the human resources you need to develop your system with a focus on fast delivery, high-performance, high-quality and low cost.

Oracle Developer Training

ICS can also provide expert Oracle developer training to get your staff enabled to develop your in-house Oracle development projects.  With some of the best instructors in the industry, ICS offers a full range of Oracle developer training and follow-up mentoring to ensure the success of your staff.  Our world-class Oracle developer trainers will customize an Oracle developer training course to meet your companies specific training goals. We develop a personal relationship with your staff and create custom Oracle developer training to meet their specific needs.

Oracle Developer Support

Because of ICS’s wide pool of talented Oracle developers, we can provide you as much, or as little Oracle developer support as you need.  From one-time application debugging to large-scale support, you only pay for what you need.

Oracle Application Developer Costs

Using experienced developers provides excellent value. IT managers know that they cannot minimize costs by basing their decision solely on hourly rates, and experienced Oracle application developers are many times more productive than beginners, making them a consistently better value.

You get what you pay for.  Unlike our competitors who are evasive about pricing, we are proud to be the only major Oracle developer consultancy to openly publish our Oracle developer prices.